What parents need to know about coaching juniors

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This week, Coach Rob talks about the coaching of juniors in cycling and what parents need to know about the sport and hiring private coaches. Rob has recently had several Juniors reach out to him this season about being coached. Some of these juniors called before even speaking to their parents. Becuase of this Coach Rob has decided to record a show for the parents of potential competitive junior cyclists.

The Feed – Carbohydrates are the foundation to success

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Carbohydrates or carbs have been a part of a strong foundation that fuels endurance athlete’s results, but will any old carbs work? Let’s talk this week about the important role Carbs play in day-to-day and sports fueling. We will also learn in this show some examples of excellent carb selections and even fueling strategies.

Riding aero is fast but are you ready for it?

I have had numerous questions recently about riding “aero”. Questions have ranged from: installation and selection of clip on aero bars, what to expect when riding aero bars, wind conditions, flexibility and the benefits of aero bikes vs. road bikes vs. TT/Tri Bikes. So what does Riding Aero mean? Riding Aero is used to describe a rider’s position on the … Read More