The myth of being in “starvation mode”

I was speaking with an athlete recently and I may have contributed to a myth. The idea that you can restrict calories and not lose weight is a myth. Instead what is likely is one of two other issues. One, the athlete’s metabolic rate may be slowing or two, the athlete has been gaining muscle. How can you tell the … Read More

No Fat November and Transition

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Today Coach Rob kicks off the month of No Fat November and discusses transitional periods in training. Coach Rob covers what No Fat November is and how athletes can learn quite a bit about losing weight. Rob also covers what a transitional period is in a structured training program.

Optimal weight loss tips

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Its that time of the year athletes start to think about weight loss. Either because the holidays have not helped their waist line or they are trying to take their performance to the next level. Coach Rob covers tips on how to optimize your weight loss. Tune in and learn more about: