A Bad Day On The Bike or an Opportunity

Been a while since I posted a rant and I am not even sure I can call this post a rant but more of a reality check. I was “dinged” on one of my own competitive performances by a local athlete that I do not know personally. I won’t say what I thought about their response initially but now I … Read More

Get sponsored or go for broke – Part 2 of 2

In my previous post I talked about the importance of sponsorship and maintaining good relations with your sponsor. In this article part 2 of 3 I will talk about the process of finding sponsors, attracting sponsors and entering into an agreement with a sponsor.

Get sponsored or go for broke – Part 1 of 2

For those of us who race competitively for very long come to grips with the cost of our hobby. Do not be fooled, if you race and race for a team you are in a business. You are a one man PR and Marketing Army. That is if you have sponsors. If you have not been doing this for your sponsors they wont be sponsors for long.