The Feed – Carbohydrates are the foundation to success

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Carbohydrates or carbs have been a part of a strong foundation that fuels endurance athlete’s results, but will any old carbs work? Let’s talk this week about the important role Carbs play in day-to-day and sports fueling. We will also learn in this show some examples of excellent carb selections and even fueling strategies.

The Feed – Carbohydrate Fueling Options

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Coach Kelli talk about the various option to use carbohydrates to fuel your endurance efforts in this weeks edition of The Feed on the Endurance Quick Cast.

I’m not a one-best sort of person. No one size fits all or black and white recommendations here. Today, I’ll define these carbs options and provide some examples. Then, I’ll give you my preferences and some caveats on these generalizations. So have a listen to learn more!