Die Strava Die…

…Long Live Strava By now as a cyclist and or runner you have likely heard of Strava, which bills itself as a community of athletes from all over the world. The service is deceptively simple to use and I have a love hate relationship with Strava. Depending on the day, the circumstance and the athlete in question is when I … Read More

Mental Toughness Lessons

I shared in a guest post at a friend’s web site last year about a story of one of my toughest Road Races when I first started racing. It was about how I decided I wasn’t a very good climber and how I just couldn’t seem to do well when the roads turned up. My coach was out riding the … Read More

Tip – When it doesn’t go to plan

Its been a while since I have shared some tactics with the readers of the PPC site so I decided to cover some tactics in a quick tip! It’s important that as a competitive cyclist to employee tactics and personal goals in each race. Road racing is a team sport and Riders serve different roles depending on their strengths and … Read More