Spring 2017 Athlete Q&A With Coach Kelli and Coach Rob

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It’s been a while since Coach Kelli and Coach Rob have had an Athlete Q&A show and there is a reason for that. Learn about what happened to Coach Kelli, how she is recovering and what she is doing to recover faster. We also answer several really good questions from our listeners, readers and athletes we coach and MUCH MORE. Check the show notes for even more details on what we cover in this edition of the Athlete Q&A on the Endurance Quick Cast. Note: We apologize for some echo in the show. We know what caused it and it shouldn’t be a problem again.

Wrapping Up No Fat November

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It is the final week and the final Endurance Quick Cast Show for No Fat November. Coach Rob recaps the month and asks for input from the listeners. Check in with Coach Rob to learn how you can get your questions answered on the special edition of the No Fat November Athlete Q & A! Rob also covers the 2017 PPC Training Camp and PPC Coaching Services Discounts.

Bench Talk – Making a Wise Investment in Technology

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This week, Coach Rob goes on a bit of a rant about crowd funding sports technology projects and how you can keep from losing your hard earned money. Coach Rob discusses some of the ridiculous comments made on cycling website after Brimm Brothers announced that they are shutting down their successfully crowdfunded cleat based power meter project after 5 years. This means no products for the crowdfunding investors. Should they be paid back? Coach Rob doesn’t think so. What do you think? Want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Coach Rob discusses the realities of investing in technology projects, especially those that are crowd funded.

10 habits of successful competitive runners

In my time coaching competitive endurance athletes I have learned some truths about what it takes to develop a successful athlete. These are not hard and fast rules or even magic workouts. Instead I would classify these as athletic mentality, habits or even traits.  The mentality, habits or traits that I have found that benefit my runners the most are … Read More