Tip – Effortless steering

We cyclists take all kinds of skills for granted like how to pedal, brake, and even guiding our bikes.  Just like in the last article on breaking in panic situations there are better ways to handle bikes. Steering is one of t the more critical ones and like panic stops it takes practice. So in this tip I’ll cover effortless … Read More

Tip – Putting on the breaks

As a cyclist you are going to have to stop fast, really fast. This could be due to a car pulling out in front of you, a distracted pedestrian or dog running out to “greet” you. This of course isn’t an everyday occurrence for most cyclists but you should be prepared to deal with a panic stop. Like all things … Read More

Tip: Don’t freak out its just a bump

If you are new to racing if you haven’t been bumped you will be. Does the idea of making physical contact at 25-30 MPH freak you out or what! If you are going to continue to race your bike in anything but a Time Trial then you must get use to this. Find some friends with bikes and an open … Read More