Sprint Like a PRO! – part 2


In the last article I covered how to improve sprinting in broad strokes. This week I am going to cover some details specifically concerning training factors that have a sprinting focus. Speed, Force, Muscle Endurance, Anaerobic Endurance, Power and Power Endurance are the training factors that play a role in improving a cyclist’s ability to sprint. However I did add … Read More

NEW PPC website has launched


We have completely overhauled the PPC web site. You can find all of the original posts and new posts under the blog link in the top navigation. We have completely reorganized Coaching Services, Training Plans, and Clinics and Camps pages and there respective content. We added a whole new section to the website called Other Services. These other services cover … Read More

New PodCasts!!!!


Endurance QuickCast and Bench Talk We are very excited to be getting back to pod casting. Now that the new website is live we can get back to podcasting!!!! We will need your questions. If you have questions about coaching, racing, training, competing, event preparation, nutrition, or gear and technology related to endurance sports we need to hear from you. … Read More

Adaptability – traits of great athletes


In the last article I wrote about the traits of great athletes I covered consistency. I wrote about how the best performing athletes are not necessarily born super star athletes but do everything in training and competition consistently. Prior to this I wrote about sacrifice and how great athletes make fundamental changes in their lifestyles to meet goals and objectives. … Read More

Q&A with Coach Rob – Cycling and Running


I get lots of questions and many of them are ones I have answered in the past. However I have some with new twists and some new questions that are because of new coaching services I offer such as running and bike fitting. So I thought I thought I would share some of the most recent questions from readers and … Read More

2014 Spring Training Camp, April 24th-27th


­Come join us for 4 days of riding and clinics in the Beautiful Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. See below for a list of activities, clinics and talks. Camp participation is open to PPC athletes and non PPC Athletes. The camp can accommodate up to 18 riders. The cost of the camp is dependent on the number of participants and … Read More