Tip: Riding over rough roads

With the bad weather and a lack of road funding, the roads I ride are in bad repair. Actually depending on where I ride I will roll over county and even privately maintained roads which means gravel, pot holes, cracked pavement and cold patch. For new riders and those that have been blessed with smooth roads this sounds like a … Read More

Writing a great race report

It is very important to log and document your training activities as a serious athlete. What do I mean by serious athlete? Athletes who are using structure in there training to make improvements in their physical performance are how I define a serious athlete. So if you are a recreational rider, event rider,┬áracer, runner, or triathlete who is organizing and … Read More

Have you crashed yet? I did.

Learn a bit of what it’s like to crash as a cyclist and how to minimize the impact. Great tips on how to avoid crashes, clean wounds, remove blood stains and recover from a wreck.

Breathing for Cycling Performance Part 2

In this article I will share with you some methods to increase lung capacity and improve your anaerobic capacity. Use the methods as a cyclist and you will be riding at the sharp end in no time.

Breathing for Cycling Performance Part 1

Are you struggling to breath as a cyclist? Are you sure you are breathing properly? Find out more in this 2 part article on Breathing for Cycling Performance.