Sports Nutrition Foundational Information

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The drought is over and Coach Rob is back with a long overdue edition of The Feed on the Endurance QuickCast. Rob covers what he refers to as foundational information on sports nutrition for runners and cyclists. Coach cover’s pre-hydration fueling guidance as well as intra-training and race guidance and wraps it up talking about fueling for recovery.

The Feed – Training nutrition timing guidance for cyclists and runners

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Coach Rob steps in this month for Coach Kelli and shares the guidance he gives athletes on nutrition timing as well as fueling strategies. Have a listen to this information packed show. While Coach Rob is no substitute for Coach Kelli he does a great job explaining how to better prepare for racing and training for runners and cyclists alike.

Strength Training For Multi-Sport Athletes

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Today Coach Rob wraps up the series on strength training with guidance forMulti-Sport athletes. It has been a busy January and February is already here. We covered quite a bit so far. If you are a Triathlete or duathlete you will gain quite a bit by listening to the two shows on strength training for cyclists and runners.

Strength Training For Cyclists

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Coach Rob starts the week off with the second of 3 shows on specific strength training guidance for cyclists and it’s a big show! Get your notepad and pencil out.

With the combination of previous shows on periodization of strength training and today’s show on what workouts I give cyclists a cyclist could create their very own periodized strength training, plan!

Optimal Endurance Training for Fat Loss

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This week Coach Rob discusses in great detail the myths and realities of endurance training meant to loose weight or more specifically fat loss. Rob covers how HR devices measure caloric expenditure and how this relates to your work efforts. Coach Rob also discusses studies behind what are the optimal scenarios for fat and weight loss in both moderate and … Read More

Common Bike Fit Issues and How To Correct Them

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This week Coach Rob talks about Common Bike Fit Issues and How To Correct Them. Clearn about common fit issues and ailments that plague road, time trial, triathlon and even mountain bike cyclists. If you have any of the following symptoms Coach Rob know’s the likely cause and has the solutions you need to correct them!