The Feed – Actually Enjoy Holiday Meals With These Tips and Stay Lean

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This week on The Feed Coach Kelli will share some great guidance on how to enjoy the holidays and still stay lean or at least not gain much weight. Kelli explains that how we need to rethink the holidays and how we can contribute to healthier eating habits. Coach Kelli also has great recipes for Kale Salad and how to make Kale much more appetizing and tasty.

The Mid Season Break

Well as of the writing of this article it is the middle of the racing and event season for most Cyclists, Runners and Multisport athletes. By now you have completed base training, build training and have been racing and or participating in non-competitive events. You maybe getting tired too! The mid season break, as I like to refer to it … Read More

Dealing with illness as a cyclist

Great I am sick now what? I promise you that every athlete has been in your shoes. There has been a nasty bug/flu going around that just zaps energy right now. Which had me thinking about this topic after my family and several athletes I coach came down with the crud. Illness is not uncommon when you are pushing your … Read More

Garbage In Garbage Out

Nutrition has become a huge part of my training and competitions this year. I have lost weight and felt better in my day-to-day life. This all has come about due to my nutrition coach and coaching partner Kelli from Apex Nutrition. I am very much a creature of habit and slow to make changes in my training so sticking to … Read More