The Feed – Not being a tough athlete will make you a better athlete

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This month Coach Kelli explains why she isn’t a tough athlete and how not being a tough athlete will make you a better athlete. Coach Kelli covers some of the common tough guy/gal athlete actions and mentalities and how they will harm your performance. Kelli also gives examples of how not to fall into these patterns and pitfalls.

Remove the guess work on overtraining

It’s been tough, really tough, but you are super motivated. You have hired a coach or you have built the ultimate training plan. You got up early, morning after morning and worked out late every evening. You have ridden, run and raced countless miles. You even went to the gym and lifted weights! You have dialed in your nutrition. You … Read More

The top 6 motivation killers

Motivation to train, eat right and race can become drained quickly and recently  PPC athletes have been dealt the dreaded lack of motivation curse. I recently started a Monday AM Post on the PPC Facebook titled Monday Morning Motivation. Join us each Monday morning for your dose of motivation. You might also like the following post from our friends over … Read More