Lessons Learned From The Field – ITT

Hey, everyone, I hope that the riding, running and racing season has been a rewarding one! It has been a long while since I posted lessons learned post and was thinking about some of the new the new things I have been putting into practice this season while racing in Individual Time Trials. I have spent the better part of … Read More

The best training ever – The Hammer Fest

Nothing too scientific about working hard and getting a good sweat on as an athlete! I love to train with structure but sometimes the unexpected can do more for making physical adaptations than the best-designed workout using a power meter. Enter the hammer fest! Call it the Tuesday Night Worlds, Wednesday Hammer Fest or the Thursday night Throw Down and … Read More

Pack n’ Prep tips for Cyclists

Do you find yourself rushing around the house just before your planned work out trying to get ready and wondering why you always seem to be late? I do this same thing to myself from time to time so I can relate. Short of enrolling in a time management class I have found some things that make life a bit … Read More