Wet roads are no excuse for riding like a squirrel

On my way commute work this AM I was greeted with heavy rain and lots of puddles on the road. When I say commute I mean in the comfort of my truck not a bike. I probably hydroplaned a few times on the commute but nothing serious. This reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my athletes … Read More

Tip: When to do anything in a race

Some time ago I wrote an article on when to attack and how to attack in a bike race. Recently a great question was asked: “When should I not attack in a race?” I think a better way to ask this question would be when should I take any action in a race? It takes time to learn to read … Read More

Tip – When it doesn’t go to plan

Its been a while since I have shared some tactics with the readers of the PPC site so I decided to cover some tactics in a quick tip! It’s important that as a competitive cyclist to employee tactics and personal goals in each race. Road racing is a team sport and Riders serve different roles depending on their strengths and … Read More