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Is your cycling posture right for your riding style?

In a previous article I covered how cyclists can improve pedaling efficiency through increasing cadence. This was accomplished using pedaling drills and several interval based workouts

Tip: Rolling a hill

I was recently reminded about an older article I wrote about my experiences riding a fixed gear bike. The biggest lesson I took away from riding

Tip - Averting Wrecks

In this article in the series on bike handling tips I am going to cover skills that will help you to potentially avert wrecks.  Just like

Tip - Putting on the breaks

As a cyclist you are going to have to stop fast, really fast. This could be due to a car pulling out in front of you,

Intro to Training Factors: Balance, Flexibility and Agility

If you recall from my first article on training factors I wrote about the Romanian sports scientist Dr. Tudor Bompa and his schema called “The Training

Time to make the investment in a cycling coach?

So if I hire a cycling coach what can I expect? What will the cycling coach do that I can’t do by myself? Will my performance really improve?

Writing a great race report

It is very important to log and document your training activities as a serious athlete. What do I mean by serious athlete? Athletes who are using

Tip: Use more of your saddle when climbing

The next time you are on that super long climb don’t forget to use more of your saddle.

Tip: Race ready

How do you feel just before a race? A bit nervous, ready to brawl or out of control?

Tip: When the going gets tough use your head

What do yo do when it gets hard? Do you think “here is my time to shine” or do you think “man this is going to hurt”?