Is your cycling posture right for your riding style?

In a previous article I covered how cyclists can improve pedaling efficiency through increasing cadence. This was accomplished using pedaling drills and several interval based workouts that smooth pedal strokes and increase leg speed. While pedaling efficiency is very important aspect of becoming and efficient cyclists there are many other things we can do to improve our ride as cyclists. … Read More

Tip – Effortless steering

We cyclists take all kinds of skills for granted like how to pedal, brake, and even guiding our bikes.  Just like in the last article on breaking in panic situations there are better ways to handle bikes. Steering is one of t the more critical ones and like panic stops it takes practice. So in this tip I’ll cover effortless … Read More

Tip: subtle steering

I find that most new riders steer with their shoulders or wrists. There is nothing wrong with doing this. But what if you want or need to be more subtle.