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Preparatory Training Phase

In the last article I spoke a bit about the transition from the in-season to the off-season. This is known as transition phase or the rest

The pre race warm up

I have written about warming up and cooling down after races and training rides in the past and even had some interesting comments about cool downs

All About the Inaugural PPC Training Camp

Well our very first training camp is behind us! A total of 12 cyclists converged on the Smoky Mountains from Arkansas, Michigan, West Virginia, Kentucky and

Kitchen Sink Workouts

I love to read and learn everything I can about endurance sports. A few seasons ago I picked up “Training and Racing With A Power Meter”

Intro to Training Factors: Balance, Flexibility and Agility

If you recall from my first article on training factors I wrote about the Romanian sports scientist Dr. Tudor Bompa and his schema called “The Training

Preparing for your new racing season Pt 2

In the last article “What goes into developing a training plan” I outlined what all competitive athletes need to be thinking about, planning for and preparing

New Coaching Partner!

Very Excited to announce that Positive Performance Coaching is partnering with Apex Nutrition. Apex Nutrition LLC is now offering Positive Performance Coaching athletes Sports Nutrition Coaching!

What goes into developing a training plan

Time to get ready for a new season of training and racing Been a while since I had an article series here at Positive Performance Coaching

What can a cycling coach do for you?

I thought I would share with my readers what a cycling coach can do for them. Cycling coaches bring structure, accountability, guidance, experience, knowledge, listening skills, friendship, contacts and is always the athlete’s number 1 advocate!

REALLY training with purpose

I have been thinking alot about training, my goals and why I love riding. Some time ago I learned the difference between riding and “training with purpose” while training for my first cross state ride almost 5 years ago. The adage “training with purpose” has been rolling around alot in my brain as of late.