Q&A with Coach Rob 2.0

I get asked all kinds of questions from those that I coach and those that follow me on twitter and facebook. From time to time I like to take some of the more interesting questions and answer them. So its that time of the year and I have some great questions so let’s get started. Q. I am just getting … Read More

Dealing with illness as a cyclist

Great I am sick now what? I promise you that every athlete has been in your shoes. There has been a nasty bug/flu going around that just zaps energy right now. Which had me thinking about this topic after my family and several athletes I coach came down with the crud. Illness is not uncommon when you are pushing your … Read More

Part 4 of 4: Supplementing for cycling performance?

In Part 3 of Supplementing for cycling performance I wrote about why a cyclist would want to supplement and who should supplement. I will cover in this post the questions How are supplements viewed by the drug agencies and What supplements to take. How are supplements viewed by the drug agencies? If you are an amateur racer in the USA … Read More