Dry LakeAs cyclists and we have to deal with all kinds of ridiculous weather.

So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite articles to help you with training and in the heat. Here is hoping that you end up feeling less parched than a dried lake bed after reading the articles!

Understanding train and race in the heat is a big step to undertake as an athlete. So check out the below article on cooling strategies, hydrate prior to, during and post ride or run.


Do you have a go to ? Are you making your own? Do spend much time thinking about what you should be drinking when its hot? You should! Check out the next two articles from PPC and . I give out my favorite recipe which is an adjusted version of Coach Kelli’s recipe. Also check out Coach Kelli’s excellent article on sodium . For those that know and work with Coach Kelli know how much she values Sodium in !



In this next article learn from Coach Kelli start thinking about hydration tactically to keep your self not only safe in hot conditions but performing at peak fitness!


In the last article I cover a bit more on dealing with all kinds of and nutrition strategies leading up to a race day.
I hope that you are staying safe and hydrated during the hot summer months! As usual drop us comment if you have questions and or experience related to any of the articles.

Until next time…

Train Smarter Not Harder