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New Introduction to structured training for endurance athletes

  • What is structured training
  • The phases of training
  • What are training loads and what is mine
  • How do I discover my Strengths and Weaknesses
  • When do I Target Training for: my strength or weakness
  • Measuring Progress and Performance
  • Goal Setting
  • What is “Peaking” and why do I care
  • Is your Training Plan right for you

Power Bundle – Download and learn more here

Get Power 101, 201 and 301 together

Power 101

  • What is Power
  • Why Should Cyclists Care
  • How is Power Measured
  • What is a Power Meter
  • Will Having a Power Meter Help Me
  • When Should a Power Meter be Used?

Power 201

  • How is power measured
  • Power meters and power measuring devices
  • What is shipping now
  • What is new with power meters
  • Various power meter pros and cons
  • Best bang for the buck today
  • Predicting the future of power meters

Power 301

  • Power training terms
  • Other helpful terms
  • Common tests done with power meters
  • Understanding power training zones
  • Power standards
  • How do I measure up
  • Additional clinics on power?

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