It is very important to log and document your training activities as a serious athlete. What do I mean by serious athlete? Athletes who are using structure in there training to make improvements in their physical performance are how I define a serious athlete. So if you are a recreational rider, rider, , runner, or triathlete who is organizing and logging their training, welcome to the serious athletes club. But are you documenting your big events and races? If not you maybe missing out on a wealth of information.

If the above describes you then I thought I would share the things that I capture in my own and how I use them.

Lets start with how I use my . First my have been very casual affairs mainly to update my coach, my teammates and sponsors. This gives my coach something else to look at other than the raw telemetry/data of a race. There is quite a bit to be learned by the subjective commentary of a race vs. race or data. For instance, I was not posting numbers in my training that would show that I was capable of creating a break off the front of the peloton. However in a race I did just this. So I learned under certain circumstances, mood, rest, weather and adrenaline, I was able to do something training had proved was not in the cards for me. When I began writing I initially used them as a tool to provide new racers on my team lessons learned and to get other teammates excited about each others progress and efforts. I like to think of it as collaborative bench !

After I posted my last race to the team I realized it was way to long and an incredibly unorganized mess of text. This lead to this post and the outline I will be using from now on. I am covering each heading below with instructions. While I am sharing this outline with you my readers and those that I coach I only intend to capture highlights for my teammates and sponsors. I also have marked items with an */asterisk that I will use in my summary race reports that are less formal.

*Athlete: Your name! Use you nick name too if your team has bestowed one on you!

*Name of Race/: What’s’ the name of the event/race? Include City, State, and which course if more than one course or race run/ridden

*Race/Event Category: What Category did you race (5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Masters, D, C, B, A), Multi-Sport/Run Age Group, or which group did you ride with in your event (Front, Pack, Back, A, B, C,)


Time: Time of day (Early Morning, Mid Morning, Afternoon, Late Afternoon, Eve, Night)

Sleep: How many hours of sleep the night before?

Athlete Mood: How did you feel before, during and after the race? (Amazing, Great, Good, Bad, Horrible)

Pack Mood: What seemed to be the mood of the group you are riding//running/swimming with (Nervous, Up Beat, Rowdy, Having Fun, Way to Serious)

Weather conditions: What was the weather like? (Windy, Bad Head Wind, Bad Cross Wind, Cold, Warm, Just Right, Hot, Blazing, Wet, Slick, Dry)

*Course/Road Conditions: What was the course like? Did you pre-ride/run the course? (Smooth pavement, chip-seal, broken pavement, good or bad corners, specific obstacles or technical sections, slick, rough….)

Rate the Race/Event: How did the organizers do with the race/event set up? (1-5 five being the highest rating)

*Items you liked about the Race/Event: List whatever comes to mind about the race/event that you really liked.

Race/Event Objectives: What is your performance oriented intentions for this race/event? (Try to attack, get in the break, stay up right, first out of the water, fastest transition time, finish, sprint in the end, mix it up….)

*Race/Event : What are your outcome for this race/event? (Finish, Finish under x time, Finish with the pack, Top 30, Top 20, Top 10, Top 5, Podium, Not to be dead last)

*Race/Event Details: In 500 word or less describe your experience in the race. What you feel you did well at and what you think needs to improve. Where did other racers/riders/teammates shine? Did you see a or move that you thought was great or sketchy?

Pros: List 2-5 pros about the race (Can be anything from officiating, weather, course, mood to outcomes)

Cons: List 2-5 cons about the race (Can be anything from officiating, weather, course, mood to outcomes)

*Lessons Learned: Wrap up the with things that you learned about the race/event, your technical and or physical performance or any other incite that may help you do better at the next race/event

By the Numbers: Feel free to add more details to your report such as average and maximums on heart rate, speed, cadence and of course power if you have it.

I have covered just about everything I want in a race report. The bigger question is, will it be useful to you? If you think something is missing from this list let me know as I am preparing an e-book titled (for now) “D-Day Preparation for Races and Events”.

Have a great ride!

Coach Rob