Tip: Vertical head trips

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92QuickFind yourself wondering how much your nemesis or competition is hurting on the big climb? If your competition has been laying down the pain and not showing any sign of giving in then its time for some head games. Talk to them, if you can. If they answer breathlessly, slurred or in incomplete sentences they may be ready to crack. What do yo do? Have mercy or break their legs? Well if you want the bragging rights then play with their head. Say things like “what a great climb”, “I wish there was more climbing” or maybe even “I am loving this”. If you cant talk in complete sentences, laugh like you are enjoying the pain, utter words like yes, or phrases like, that’s it. Just make sure it sounds triumphant. When a gap forms don’t surge or your competition will feel they have been played. Instead keep the pace and increase the gap until they crack.

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