Tip: Time to warm up

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92If you are going out to hammer on the bike you need to be ready. For years I heard about the need to warm up for races and training efforts. In the fall, winter and early spring I understood this, as where I live and ride can get down right cold. What I didn’t understand is that what is really going on is that you are sending a message to your body “hey get ready, we are about to do some work”!

In the colder months you must warm up the body before intervals should begin. What if you can’t get warm and you have to race? Get back in your car, crank up the heat and think about how your body feels when it is warmed up and in the middle of a race.

In the hotter months it is still very important to warm up the body. Instead of doing the typical ride the course and pull off a couple of leg opening sprints, find some shade. Get your trainer, your bike, extra sports drink and do your warm up in the shade. The hotter it is the shorter your warm up needs to be. Remember if you are caught on a trainer in the heat sweating it out your competition will see you and paint a target on you.

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