Tip: Rest carefully

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92I know I recently posted a tip on rest and recovery, but a tip I remembered on the subject may prove very helpful. After completing long or very hard blocks of training or even very stressful races. Think multiple crits in a day, stage races, or even ultra distance events. Not only do you need to take time down immediately you need to act like a “germaphobe”! Seriously wash your hands twice as often, stay away from crowds and do not, I repeat do not eat or drink after anyone. Why? Your immune system has been compromised. While we as cyclists are a very healthy lot we punish our bodies completely when we race and train and if we aren’t careful we become targets for bugs and viruses.

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  1. Agreed. Did a mountains to sea ride (Knox.TN to Chas.SC) in ’08. 484 miles/5days. The very next week developed pneumonia and was bed ridden 3days.

  2. Ugggh! That does not sound like a fun time. How long has it taken to fully recover?

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