Tip: Don’t eat bfore your next race or major training ride

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92I know this sounds counter productive but its true. Your meal before a ride should be 3 hours before you start your race or major training ride. So depending on how close you do eat to your race is what may cause you problems things like low blood sugar, poor insulin response and gastric distress. Those of us that fight with race day jitters already have enough to be concerned about without having to deal with a stomach ache as well.

So the rule of thumb is to eat and race 3 hours later. You should actually be just a little bit hungry on the ride/race. This means that your stomach has emptied and means that the typical in race nutrition of gels and sports drinks will not have to compete with your breakfast being digested! If your race starts early get up earlier and eat and go back to sleep.

2 Comments on “Tip: Don’t eat bfore your next race or major training ride”

  1. Great tips. Question on this topic. What if you are doing a long distance event, that starts while it’s still dark (like 5 am)? I typically get at least a bagel or something like that.

  2. Well, the way I see it as a older athlete is to have something small.. SMALL. Bagel is good! Fig bars like 2. You don’t want a full meal in your gut. Ok, if you have hours to digest.

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