Tip: visualizing success

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92How do you prepare to succeed?

I first write down what I want to accomplish usually a performance oriented goal. Then I take a day or so to let it sink in and read what I have written. Then I write how I think I can accomplish this goal. Then I write out a time table to reach the goal. Once all the writing is done I start to day dream about it.

Now I practice creative visualization once I have my goal written and I have fully internalized it.

  • I Breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth and evenly I have cleared my mind.
  • I Begin to relax my muscles by flexing and releasing each muscle group starting with my neck and working down to my toes. I am just trying to show my body what it feels like to relax.
  • I start thinking about my performance goal by letting my mind roam with it.

I then start adding detail to my thoughts:

  • Weather: Is it hot, cool, sunny, windy, humid
  • My performance: I imagine that what I am doing is easier than my previous performance. I am realistic, bike racing is hard and my efforts being visualized should still be difficult.
  • Other things to consider: I will add other racers in my visualizations, the sound of others labored breathing, smells, sounds of shifting drive trains and the calls of team mates

Now I will just tell myself, once I have exhausted all possible details in my visualization, “there we go you can do this.” Now its time to put the thoughts away for the day.

This takes some practice but I believe you will find this exercise handy for training and racing. Give it a try but remember to remain positive it will not work when focusing on negative imagery!

To learn more check out the book that started me on Creative Visulization..


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