Tip: Are you still taking supplements?

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92Tis’ the season to slack off for roadies.

Punishing training mental fatigue and familial edginess are all part of being a competitive cyclist. Especially at the end of the season. So we take the month of October off from competing and training and begin the off season. I end up spending most of my time playing catch up with the family and finishing and starting a myriad of household projects as well. One thing I learned last season is to not ignore my nutrition.

It is very easy to over do the eating this time of year after an entire season fed by carbs and testosterone. I also learned from my strength coach that like strength and aerobic training we must also cycle our supplements. So to those of you taking a brake from training take a brake from supplements this month. Your body and your wallet will thank you. The only thing I do not cycle are multivitamins and my additional Vitamin C.

Have a great month away from the bike!

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