REALLY training with purpose

I have been thinking a lot about training, my goals and why I love riding. Some time ago I learned the difference between riding and “training with purpose” while training for my first cross state ride almost 5 years ago. The adage “training with purpose” has been rolling around in my brain as of late.

Most weeks I plan out my training with the assistance of a coach. Most of my weekly goals are time based. I will spend so much time riding, in the gym and doing other training until I loose track of what day it is..

I had an epiphany at the gym the other day. I was working on a dreaded weakness, Ham Strings, and was really having to push myself to finish my last set. Then a vision of myself cresting a tough hill with the pack in a tough criterium came to mind. Then the thought “get it done now or get it done to you this summer” hit me hard.

This thought really put a sharp point on training with purpose. I love to ride my bike, I get a big kick out of surviving surges, chasing down attacks and I revel in surprising strong riders as I pass them for the first time. This is why I train with a purpose.

I have entered a phase of training that has me putting in the longest hours of the off season, more intensity and a lot of self doubt. Why self doubt? Its the middle of winter and its almost impossible to get out and ride. I am still feeling slow and can’t always get my Heart Rate up. Right now I have to believe that my training will get me where I need to be. So their is an element of faith that goes along with training with purpose.

I had a friend ask my why I was so worried and wasn’t I doing the same training plan as last year? The answer was no. I went on to explain that when I learn new things about my fitness or abilities that I make adjustments to goals and plans hence my anxiety.

I believe that if I were not organizing my training and applying it to my strengths and weaknesses and ultimate desires then I would be doing my efforts a great disservice.

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Thanks for reading! I feel like I am regaining my focus. Its a good thing too, racing begins in March.

Until next time don’t just train hard, train with a purpose.

2 Comments on “REALLY training with purpose”

  1. I feeeel ya, Rob.

    All those mornings I spend alone on a spin bike, hurting myself with ascending, descending or over/under intervals… just to hang with the Cat-5 bunch! But I love it.

    It’s all for the “man, you are really riding strong” comments after the race/group ride… or the look of pain as you pass your quarry on a hill climb…

    onward, upward.

  2. Thanks!

    Good to hear that your training so hard.

    Now if we can just get outside with out fear of frostbite.

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