Pack n’ Prep tips for Cyclists

Do you find yourself rushing around the house just before your planned work out trying to get ready and wondering why you always seem to be late? I do this same thing to myself from time to time so I can relate.

Short of enrolling in a time management class I have found some things that make life a bit easier before I run out the door. So here are a few Pack n’ Prep tips for cyclists who struggle with time management.

  • Understand what I am doing the next day and gather what I need for that day.
    • I look at my training plan for the next day
  • I will pick out gym clothes and/or other training gear.
    • I check the weather which helps me determine clothing, supplements, sun screen…
  • I pack my gym clothes in one bag and my cycling gear in another bag.
    • No need for a fancy gym bag just get something that fits your gear
    • The more I am able to pack in my bags the less I have to carry out to vehicle
  • I prep sports bottles the night before with just dry mix. I then put filtered water in a couple of larger bottles to have water for the day and training
    • Not every ride requires sports drink anything under an hour I drink water. Unless I am doing HIT training.
    • Some mixes, especially those with proteins can break down over night so I don’t mix the night before.
    • If you have before and after work out sports drink mixes and have bottles that look alike then take a sharpie and mark the bottom of one bottle “B” for Before and on “A” for after.
  • I will even set out vitamins and supplements the night before.
    • I will put that mornings supplements in a sandwich bag and the ones I take after lunch in another.
  • If I am training away from home I even pack my bike into my vehicle the night before.

The more you have ready and organized the less stress you will have during your training day. Remember stress will rob you of your potential performance. Its great to wake up knowing I do not have to run all over the house looking for gear. Its all packed and I can just roll.

Happy Training

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