The ABCs of bicycle safety

ABCquick1-300x133I can’t remember where I picked this up but it has become invaluable especially before a big ride or final race prep of my trusty bicycle. Its a little acronym for bike prep and safety inspection.

A.B.C. Quick

A. Stands for Air. I not only check to ensure I have the proper tire pressure I also quickly wipe tires down and inspect for for micro cuts. What is proper tire pressure? Usually 5-10 lbs less than the manufacturers listed pressure. This is found on the side wall of your tire. Inflating to the maximum or over the maximum will lead to quicker tire wear and potentially skittish handling especially on rough pavement or in fast descents. When the weather gets sloppy I some time drop another 5-8 lbs t

B. Stands for Brakes. I check to make sure my brakes are centered, brake release is not all the way closed or all the way open. Then I check to see if once brakes are squeezed that they return to center.

C. Stands for Chain and Cables. I check my chain to ensure it’s clean, lubed and not damaged. Then I inspect cables to ensure they are clean and that cable housings and cable end caps/ferrels are not damaged.

Quick stands for quick release (QR). I check my quick releases to ensure that the cam is functioning propery, that the QR shaft is lubed and finally that the QR levers are not closed against carbon fiber or is not sticking out where something could reach out and open it.

If you are like me and deal with race day jitters going over this easy to remember list helps me to focus and remain in the moment. I do not however recommend that you ever under take mechanical repairs or adjustments the night before or the day of your event. Try to do this a week in advance so you can focus on the ride.

Have a great ride,

Coach Rob

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  1. Jennifer, I am not sure where I first learned about ABC quick but I am not surprised that the league uses it in its training.

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