Tip: It’s High Cadence not a Rodeo!

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92An athlete I work with recently asked me about how to reduce the bouncing in the saddle that some times comes with doing high cadence intervals. If you are bouncing in the saddle you maybe spinning faster than your body is ready for. It can take several weeks of training before your body/core will adapt to higher cadence/RPM.

If you have been doing core work and other strength training and are still bouncing in the saddle here are some tips to that can help your body stay still.

  • You want your upper body relaxed but do not slump your shoulders
  • High cadence work requires that your hands are on the Brake Hoods or in the Drops.
  • You should bend your elbows slightly to relieve the upper body weight from your hands.
  • When your Hands are on the Hoods you should be seated roughly mid saddle.
  • When your Hands are in the Drops you should be seated towards the nose of the saddle.
  • When pedaling you want to think of it as making the smoothest circles possible.
  • If you feel that you are making squares instead of circles click down to an easier gear before trying a harder gear.
  • When doing high cadence drills make sure that you are using light gearing.
  • Breath evenly and consistently, no ragged breathing.
  • Finally relax, let all the muscles in your face relax and your whole body will follow.

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Until Next Time,

Train Smarter Not Harder,

Coach Rob

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