Tip: Get the most out of your gym visit

QuickTipsfeature1-300x92I love this time of the year. New plans, new goals and crisp air. It’s also that time of the year many cyclist and multisport athletes head back to the gym. Usually along with lots of new gym members who are fulfilling that time-honored tradition starting on their new years resolutions.

  • Lots of cyclists already hate the idea of lifting weights. I have learned a few things the last couple of years about training in the weight room I thought I would pass on.
  • First things first, you’re a cyclists not a body builder so don’t train like one.
  • Weights should be light weight for most training programs with an emphasis on form with 20-30 reps and 3-6 sets.
  • We should only do multi-joint lifts and lifts that come the closest to using muscle groups we would use on the bike, run or swim.
  • We should work out 2-3 a week with a day or two between each visit to the gym.

To make your gym visit less of head ache follow these tips:

  • Pack the night before (Towel, Shoes, Socks, Shorts, dry fit T-shirt, HR Strap, HR Watch)
  • Make sure you have water ready when you go ( 20 oz of water is enough, sports drink not necessary)
  • Do not leave valuables in the locker room
  • Know where all the equipment is in your gym
  • Have a staff member at the gym, preferably a personal trainer, show you how to use the equipment

When and what to eat before and after going to the gym:

  • I only schedule 30-40 minutes for each strength training visit so I do not take food along to the gym
  • I eat 1 hour to 30 minutes before going to the gym (Fruit: An apple or banana)
  • I eat within 30 minutes of finishing my trip to the gym (A lean protein such as chicken or tuna and carbs such as Brown Rice and or Fruit such as berries or mixed fruit.

Other consideration and pet peeves:

  • Clean the equipment when you are finished using it
  • Put weight’s back
  • DO NOT TALK ON THE CELL PHONE!!!!!! – Leave it in the car
  • Cool down on the bike and stretch afterwards
  • Take a shower as soon as your done or at the very least wash your hands
  • Gyms are very dirty places keep your hands away from your face