New PPC Partner – Power Meter City

PMC_logoCoach Rob has partnered with to offer the best in power meters and power meter supporting devices. As part of this partnership, the owner of Power Meter City was nice enough to come on to Bench Talk to speak with me about all things power and power meters. Check out the show here.

As part of this partnership, I am declaring 2016 the season of power at Positive Performance Coaching! This means that PPC athletes, readers, and Endurance Quick Cast listeners will be learning quite a bit about power meters this year.

I will be posting regular articles on the subject of power training at and on Along with these articles, I will be creating a series of new power based training plans that can be downloaded from PPC.

If you listen to the episode of Bench Talk on all things Power and Power Meters you can get a 10% off Coupon Code from your next purchase at If you buy a new power meter from you are entitled to a Free Copy of the PPC FTP Builder Training Plan!