No Fat November on the Endurance Quick Cast


The month of November has been deemed, No Fat November by Coach Rob.

The month of November Coach Kelli and Coach Rob are going to be delivering 2-3 shows a week to help endurance athletes make this winter their leanest ever!

Look for weekly sports nutrition guidance from Coach Kelli while Coach Rob brings you training, technical guidance and helps you to select equipment to help you lose weight.

The plan is to have The Endurance Quick Cast, Bench Talk, and The Feed shows each week of November with each one dedicated to helping cyclists, runners and multisport athletes lose weight in the month of November and the whole winter! This should be approximately 12 shows that are all about making you leaner!!!

To make this even more of a challenge Coach Rob is going to follow all of his and Coach Kelli’s guidance in an effort to shed some unwanted weight as well. Coach Rob will report how he is progressing on each show! Can you keep up with Coach Rob?

Also, we will be doing a special Weight Loss Q&A show for our listeners either the last week of November or the first week  of December. So get your questions ready!

Coach Rob