Tip: Ride straight

Ever find yourself on a ride and you need to look behind yourself only to find that you have swerved near the center of the road? When looking over your left shoulder drop your right elbow. This provides just enough counter steer to keep your front wheel tracking straight.

Tip: Keep it clean

A clean bike is a fast bike and a clean chamois is one that has not been used. Keeping your bike clean isn’t about looking good. It gives the rider a chance to make sure that all is well with the bike. Keeping a clean bike entails not just a wash and a wax but a clean chain, chain rings … Read More

Tip: Stay loose

When the going gets tough relax. The best way I have learned to relax in a race or in a tough group ride is to loosen up. I have a couple of tricks to do this. The first one is let my lower lip go slack as if it were blowing in the wind. The other one is to drop … Read More