6 Weeks to faster leg speed


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If you are a cyclist who is a pedal masher and or finds themselves not being able to keep up with the constant surges of group riding then this downloadable training plan is for you. This training plan help cyclists to improve their leg speed, cadence and the suppleness of their pedal stroke. The training plan comes complete with week-to-week instruction, many general helpful notes and weekly training notes as well as descriptions of each workout prescribed.



Go from being a pedal masher to a high cadence cyclist in just 6 short weeks

  • Training Plan Introduction
  • General Training Plan Notes
  • Establishing Your Training Zones
  • HR and Power Zones
  • RPE Zones
  • Week 1 Training Detailed
  • Week 2 Training Detailed
  • Week 3 Training Detailed
  • Week 4 Training Detailed
  • Week 5 Training Detailed
  • Week 6 Training Detailed
  • Taking It To The Next Level
  • Individual Workout Descriptions¬†¬†¬†

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