Bench Talk – Building a Project Bike pt 3

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BENCHtalk_final-150x150In part 3 in the series of building a project bike Coach Rob talks about group sets and and how to select the ones that are the right fit for your project. Learn about the brands, mechanical vs hydraulic brakes, mechanical vs electronic shifting and future releases of products.

NOTE: We had some problems with some microphone his and attempted to remove it with filters but the main portion of the show is low so you will likely need to turn the volume up. We will be testing to find out if our old trusty mic. has finally performed in its last show.

  • What items are typically included when discussing group sets?
  • We need to determine where your brand loyalty is
  • Next we need to decide what type of group set we want
  • Next we need to determine which range of group set we want
  • Boutique and Custom Group set Components
  • Next you need to determine if you want to buy your group set together or in pieces

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