Bench Talk – Interview with the Owner of Irish Cycles

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BENCHtalk_final-300x266This week on Bench Talk we have a guest joining us. I talk with Joe O’Callaghan the owner of Irish Cycles about racing, how racing has changed over the years, wrenching on bikes and the manufacturing of carbon fiber components and bikes. We also talk about Irish Cycles complete line of bikes!


Here are just a few of the topics we discussed:

  • What do you think of the current state Road, Mountain, CX and Multisport racing
  • Do you have any concerns with any of the disciplines as a bike manufacturer?
  • What trends do you like and dislike with the 2017 bikes?
  • What do you see as the biggest mistakes DIY mechanics make when building a bike
  • What tools should the average DIY mechanic own and the repairs they should know how to complete
  • What was the impetus for starting Irish Cycles?
  • Tell us a bit about your bike line up, models, manufacturing processes and why irishlogojust Carbon Fiber bikes
  • What sort of carbon fiber do you use in your bikes and why?What would you tell a cyclist who is still on the fence about buying a carbon fiber bike?
  • What would you tell a cyclist who thinks its impossible to buy good/safe carbon fiber goods from Asia?
  • You are also the owner of Carolina Precision Wheels. Did you start building wheel sets at the same time as starting Irish Cycles?
  • You are also the OE for Micro Gravity Bakes. Tell us a bit about these brakes and why they are such a great brake system
  • Any wisdom for our listeners who are going to buy a custom bike
  • If you could leave the listeners with one piece of wisdom when it comes to building a bike, buying a bike and racing what would it be?


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