Bench Talk – Joe and Rob cover all things wheels

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Joe O’Callaghan owner of Irish Cycles and Carolina Precision Components Is back for this new edition of Bench Talk where do a deep dive on all things wheels for cyclists. So if you are thinking about buying a new set of wheels off the rack, custom built wheels or even building your very own set wheels this show is a great starting point!

Here is an outline of what we covered!

  • Wheel components
    • Hubs
    • Spokes
      • Double Butted
      • Bladed
      • Straight gauge
    • Spoke materials
      • Steel (stainless and oxidized)
      • Ti
      • Alum
      • Carbon
    • Spoke Calc
      • Sapim
      • DT
      • Differences
      • Database
    • Rim
      • Alum
      • Carbon
      • Tubular / Tubeless / Clincher
        • Tire bed
        • Bead channel
        • Spoke channel
  • Tools (you get what you pay for)
    • Stand
      • Pro vs. Amateur
    • Dishing tool
      • Pro vs. Amateur
    • Spoke wrench
      • Muti-vs purpose-built
      • Anti-wind tool
    • Tensiometer
      • Inch pounds / bars
      • All spokes act differently.
  • Developing Building Knowledge
    • Lacing pattern
    • Nipples
    • Initial Build
  • Truing / tensioning
  • Finishing



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