Breaking Through Plateaus

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This week, on the Endurance QuickCast Coach Rob talks about plateaus and how to break through them. On this mobile edition of the Endurance QuickCast Rob helps listeners recognize what is causing plateaus and what sorts of plateaus are plaguing performance. Coach Rob discusses mental and physical plateaus how they may show up in your training, participation, and competition.

As this show is a mobile edition there are not as many show notes so please make sure to have a listen!!!!

Mental plateaus

  • Staleness of thoughts
  • Poor or negative dialogue even when doing well beyond your current abilities
  • Setting goals just slightly out of your grasp

Strength and other physical plateaus

  • Trying new things
  • Training, participating and competing in new locations
  • Doing the same things and expecting different results
Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album

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