Dream Big or Burnout?

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Growth or stagnation depends on your short term and long term participation goals

Coach Rob this week on the Endurance QuickCast talks about a pattern he sees in his athletes and other Amateur Endurance Athletes. Rob talks about the realities of what it means to win and how long it can take. He also talks about the curse of dominant success at a local level. Coach Rob also talks about how to stay fresh and stay motivated as you embark on a competitive lifestyle.

Also, learn about what you can do to break out of a rut and maybe make a come back or how your work inspiring others can bring your energy back.

So have a listen and don’t borrow against your future.

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Music for show intro, outro, and mid-play break: “Jahzzar (betterwithmusic.com) CC BY-SA
Intro and Outro music: Battle from the Crime Scene Album from Jahzzar
Mid-play break music: Please Listen Carefully from the Tumbling Dishes Like Old-Man’s Wishes Album

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