How much time to spend on a trainer

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Quick-Cast-Final-300x263I get asked the question “How much Time do you want me to spend on the trainer!” by athletes I coach a lot. This shocked question usually comes about when I have scheduled someone to ride their bikes on a Saturday and or Sunday for 3 or more hours.

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So in this show I am going to cover the following

  • The importance of longer rides
  • When to schedule longer rides
  • Longer trainer ride tips
  • Tips for setting up a trainer room
  • Tips on hydration and nutrition
  • Trainer Myths
  • Some trainers on the market

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One Comment on “How much time to spend on a trainer”

  1. To be honest, you can work your dog each day more than you probably WILL work with your dog each day! To give you an example, with our 2-week board and train program, we work the dogs over 3 hours per day!  There are very few people who will dedicate this much time to working their dog every single day.

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