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Quick-Cast-Final-150x150When you need to run more often to reach your performance goals you need to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It doesn’t mean you have to be miserable so coach Rob is going to share his favorite tips on the Endurance Quick Cast on how to become more comfortable on runs.

Before trying to improve your comfort on the run you need to ask yourself some questions.

Why am I uncomfortable on the run?

  • Issues with shoes?
  • Training to much to soon?
  • Having a hard time getting over injuries?
  • Maybe you need help organizing your training?
  • Are you selecting he right clothing?

What weather am I the most comfortable in and why?

  • Weather is a huge part of outdoor sports and we all have our favorite seasons, but why?
  • Do you stop running when it get’s to hot or to cold for you?
  • Wouldn’t you like run more?
  • When running in hotter or colder temps look into acclimating to the weather before trying to just go for it.
  • Get the appropriate clothing for the temps.
  • Why hydration is important
  • Drinking on the run and what to drink

Are there other things that can make my run more comfortable?

  • Try on some Belgium knee warmers
  • Drinking and eating on the run
  • Building up running volume safely



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