Nutrition Tuesday’s – Fighting Athlete Fatigue with Nutrition and Supplementation

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Quick-Cast-Final-150x150Most adults feel fatigued at least some of the time.

The schedules, the work, the commute, the commitments, and the everything in between can drag us down a bit. But, should our workouts and rides be a major cause of fatigue?

I say no.

Sure, if you ride, run, ski, or race something BIG, you may see some fatigue in the days afterwards from the sheer effort or even sleepless nights in preparation.  But, the day in day out of exercise should certainly be fun, uplifting, and energizing. Not fatigue-causing.

So learn MUCH more on how to unravel the mysteries of what ma be causing your fatigue with some straight forward advice from Coach Kelli on how to combat fatigue.

  • Recipe of the Week: Easy All-Natural Home brew Sports Drink
  • In training fueling
  • Amino Acids
  • Sleep deficits
  • Non-Sleep Related Fatigue Factors:
    • Restricting calories or carbs
    • Iron deficiencies
    • Magnesium deficiencies
    • Vitamin D deficiencies
    • Over-training and Adrenal Fatigue
    • Infections and allergies
    • Other issues with hormones

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