Planning Your Strength Training

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This week Coach Rob covers the planning or the periodization of your strength training before he covers the specific weight training routines he prescribes to runners cyclists and multisport athletes.

In this show, Rob covers the phases of a Periodized Strength Training Program, How many reps and sets for each phase, Length of training phase, What each phase does for an athlete, Training Factors that can improve upon an athlete’s strengths and or weaknesses, How to determine how much you can and should lift, The importance of warming up and cooling down, and other strength training considerations. It’s an information packed show so get ready to take some notes.



NOTE: If you are not familiar with concepts such Training Factors and how you may be able to employ them in your training please check out this article series. If you are not familiar Periodized Training please check out this article series. Still not familiar with training Zones, then check out this article series to learn more about training zones.

Rest interval between sets in strength training. The Research behind 35 studies.

Training the Year-Round Athlete for Injury Prevention

To lift or not to lift, that is the question! – Journal of Science and Cycling

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes?

Training to Improve Bone Density in Adults: A Review and Recommendations

Phil Burt, lead physiotherapist with the Great Britain Cycling Team, and Martin Evans, senior strength and conditioning at the English Institute of Sport, discuss the importance of strength training for cyclists.

Effects of stretching and warm-up routines on stability and balance during weight-lifting: a pilot investigation

Acute effects of a warm-up including active, passive, and dynamic stretching on vertical jump performance.

Aerobic activity before and following short-duration static stretching improves range of motion and performance vs. a traditional warm-up.


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