Selecting the Right Aero Helmet

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BENCHtalk_final-300x266Welcome to our first Bench Talk podcast. We are going to go ahead and jump into the deep end and start with our first subject rather than an introduction to the show. Coach Rob is going to talk about Selecting the Right Aero Helmet. Coach Rob goes into great detail on the pros and cons of the various styles aero helmets.

What Coach Rob covers in the show:

  • What’s right vs what marketing says
  • The types of aero helmets
  • Road Aero Description
  • TT Short Tail Description
  • TT Long Tail Description
  • Marketing and reality
  • Doing you own testing
  • Field vs Wind Tunnel
  • Visors vs sunglasses

Learn about Golden Cheetah’s Aero lab feature. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the science section

Learn about the Chung Method from Robert Chung himself

Great article on using a power meter, Chung’s Method and Aero Lab to determine your CDA

The science behind the roll down/coast down method

Aero testing with out a wind tunnel


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