Setting SMARTER Athletic Goals

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Quick-Cast-Final-300x263This week Coach Rob discusses how a simple mnemonic can help set yourself up for success. The mnemonic  SMARTER is all you need to set up the perfect season or to evaluate your existing training and competitive goals.

Check out the show notes to learn even more

  • Setting daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal performance goals
  • Tips and secrets to setting successful goals
  • How many goals is too many
  • Performance Vs Outcome Based Goals.
Letter Major Term Minor Terms
S Specific Significant, Stretching, Simple
M Measurable Meaningful, Motivational, Manageable,
A Attainable Appropriate, Achievable, Action-oriented, Ambitious
R Relevant Realistic, Results-oriented, Rewarding
T Time-bound Time-oriented, Trackable
E Evaluate Excitable, Enjoyable, Engaging
R Reevaluate Reassess, Revisit, Recordable, Reachable

Creating SMARTER Goals for Cyclists


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