Sports Nutrition Foundational Information

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The drought is over and Coach Rob is back with a long overdue edition of The Feed on the Endurance QuickCast. Rob covers what he refers to as foundational information on sports nutrition for runners and cyclists.  Coach cover’s pre-hydration fueling guidance as well as intra-training and race guidance and wraps it up talking about fueling for recovery.

Below are just some of the things covered in today’s show:

  • Hydration
  • Temperature and heat index concerns  concerns
  • Electrolytes
  • Filtered Water
  • Timing of hydration
  • Prepackaged sports nutrition vs whole foods
  • When and when not to experiment with new foods
  • Mitigating bonk
  • Depleting glycogen on purpose in training
  • Nutrition timing for runners and cyclists in training and racing
  • Pre-hydration and nutrition guidance
  • Add link about not eating before a race
  • More intra race and training nutrition and hydration guidance
  • Post training and race guidance
  • Keeping it simple with Whey Concentrate and Chocolate Milk
  • Coach Rob’s rant on packaging materials

4 Comments on “Sports Nutrition Foundational Information”

  1. I enjoyed and felt as though I got some good reinforcement from this episode. I’d say most of the information as you eluded to in the beginning was review for the avid cyclist/endurance racer but good to know I’m on the right track.

    Thank you for mentioning sustainability at the end in regards to sports nutrition, I’d like to point out for yourself and listeners this website that provides a method for recycling some bar wrappers like Clif bars and some other varieties;

    Hardly a replacement for good old reduction of waste in the first place but I myself have started collecting Larabar wrappers (personal packaged nutrition of choice – simple ingredients, happy stomach, and slides right out of the package 🙂

    Also wanted to question your recommendation of chocolate milk as a post event / training ride recovery drink in terms of long term health. I know there are plenty of riders out there that like me aren’t going for a win as much as a happier and higher performing life on and off the bike and probably question dairy products as I do. I’m not a nutritionist, I’m just weary of our agricultural industries.

  2. Hi Arron,

    Thanks for taking time out to comment on the show! I hear you loud and clear on the concerns about dairy and big ag. I do from time to time advise against dairy. It’s usually due to allergies and sinus issues.

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