Strength Training For Multi-Sport Athletes

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Today Coach Rob wraps up the series on strength training with guidance forMulti-Sport athletes. It has been a busy January and February is already here. We covered quite a bit so far. If you are a Triathlete or duathlete you will gain quite a bit by listening to the two shows on strength training for cyclists and runners.

On the most recent shows for cyclists and runners I covered:

  • What strength is
  • How cyclists and runners benefit from resistance training
  • When and how often runners and cyclists should strength train
  • 6 types of strength training to consider
  • Primary muscles used while cycling and those used while running
  • My top workouts for cyclists and runners
  • Busting some strength training myths for cyclists and runners
  • Special concerns for cyclists and runners

On today’s show, I am going to cover

  • Problems associated with adding strength training into an already busy training schedule
  • Balancing your workout schedule to include strength
  • Discuss the benefits of adding strength training
  • Determining a strength or weakness that needs resistance training
  • Looking at your specific movement pattern
  • Other concerns


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