The Basics of Power Meter Tech and Who Makes it

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Welcome back to a new episode of the Endurance QuickCast. We have Josh Matthews back on the show to help us unravel the mysteries of power meter technology. On today’s show, Josh and I are going to talk about the various types of power meters, the tech behind the power meters, who makes them and which ones are available today.

Note: Before you get out pencil and paper for the show I want to let everyone know that that this show will have extensive show notes. To find the show notes simply go to or search for the show title on our website.

Show talking points

  1. Josh, for our listeners out there that don’t have a power meter or are still learning about power meters can you tell them what the two types of power meters are and what the difference is between the two of them?
  2. So who is making direct and indirect power meters these days?
  3. With direct force measuring power meters what are our options and when does, it make sense to chose one over another?
  4. What do you find are the most popular power meter placements and why?
  5. Do you feel like athletes are selling themselves short when they purchase a less expensive power meter rather than a power meter that is known for being incredibly accurate and not just consistent when measuring output?
  6. What do you think about all the smart trainers and the new ways some of them are measuring power?

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